Bio-degradable disposable towels

Neels Ironing Service provides bio-degradable disposable towels made of completely natural fibres. These towels can be used in a variety of industries including hair salons, spas, events, restaurants, hospitals, etc. They come in either black or white and in a variety of sizes.


  • Complies with the South African Association of Skincare Professionals guideline of one towel per client
  • Offers each individual client a clean, fresh, sanitised towel- eliminating any risk of cross contamination
  • Towels hold 6 -7 times their weight in water so more absorbent than traditional towels
  • Saves thousands of Rands a month on laundry costs
  • Cuts staff time on laundering and saves on your energy bills
  • Reduces storage requirements needed for dry and more importantly wet towels
  • Environmentally friendly and easily disposable
  • We can set up regular deliveries; so you will never run out